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Express Worldwide Shipping

Returns, Refund & Warranty Policy


You can return your order back to us within 14 days of its receipt for any reason whatsoever. 

All requests for returns must be initiated within 14 days from the receipt of your order by either replying to your order confirmation email or by reaching out to us via the website chat or by mailing us on Please clearly indicate the items you want to return in your message before initiating the return.

Made to order pieces or fine jewellery pieces can be returned only for repair during the warranty period of two years as long as it is covered by the warranty policy stated below.



You can return your order at your expense using your choice of shipping method (i.e. postal service) in which case we will issue a full refund for the returned items once we have received the returned item(s) from you. 

For all express deliveries we send a return label along. You may either return your order via your own shipping method at your expense or alternatively you may use our shipping label to return your order (chargeable); see  section "applicable deductions" below for more details. 



All returns must be carefully packed in the original packaging box and inserted into a plastic envelope to ensure there are no damages in the transit. If for some reason you don't have the original envelope then please ensure that you send the return in a durable packaging/envelope. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss during transit. 


How to return with your own shipping method - Please return the items you wish to return using your shipping method to the following address:

Ieva Candra
Ganu iela 2-11, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia 
Phone: +371-29477808


How to use our return shipping label - Please call the customer care or visit the website of DHL/FedEX (depending on which carrier's return label you've received). By contacting their customer care you will be advised to either schedule a pick up or drop it at your nearest drop off location. In case of any difficulty finding the customer care phone number of the courier company in your country please email us to



Please note that you will need to pay when using our return label which will be deducted from the total amount due as refund for the items returned. However, if you use your own return method then no fee will be deducted. 

Cost applicable when using our return label:

Partial Order Return Deduction - EUR 15 will be charged and deducted from your refund if you keep at least one item item from your order. 

Entire Order Return Deduction  -  If you return the entire order (i.e. not even keeping one product with yourself) then this will attract a deduction of EUR 25 to your refund (or equivalent deduction in the currency of your purchase). E.g. you got free express delivery because you ordered 2 items costing a total of EUR 120 (or above) and you returned both the 2 items then you will be charged 25 EUR at the time of refund. However, if you kept one item and returned the second item then you will not be charged this return fee but only charged EUR 15 for using our return label.

Non Acceptance Deduction - In the event you fail to accept a delivery for any reason and the item is returned to us, which can be proved by the tracking details of the shipping carrier, then this will attract a deduction of EUR 25 to your refund (or equivalent deduction in the currency of your purchase). Please note that we send orders via reliable shipping companies like DHL Express or FedEx which make several attempts to deliver shipments. 



Each order is carefully checked and packed before shipping. However, if you receive a defective or damaged product we will either refund you full amount or send a free replacement for it. To claim full refund against a defective product you must send us images in support of your claim within 24 hours of receiving your order by either replying to your order confirmation email or by reaching out to us via the website chat or by mailing us on

In case of a free replacement you may have to return the damaged/defective product back to us for our quality review. In this case we will send you the return shipping label at our expense. 



After receiving back your order, we will review and approve your return. Once your return is approved we will within 48 hours initiate the refund process for the returned products. We will inform you via email once we have initiated the refund process. Please note that depending on your payment method it can take up to 7-10 working days for the refund amount to reflect in your account statement.



Once an order is placed it may be cancelled before it is shipped. To cancel an order please write to us on Once an order has been shipped it cannot be cancelled or modified. However, you can always return the order within 14 days to claim a refund against your order as per the policy stated above. 



All products come with a 24 months’ warranty. If you receive a defective or damaged product you can claim full refund for what you've paid for it according to the free return policy (see above).

If within one year of your purchase you experience issues such as jewellery/accessories components falling off or jewellery breaking, you can send back the products back to us and we will issue a refund for it or return it back to you after fixing it at our cost. The cost of sending back the product to us shall be borne by you.

Please note that quality defects or damages caused by rough use, friction, exposure to chemicals (such as soaps, perfumes, sanitisers, lotions etc), excessive heat or water will not be covered by warranty. Basic wearing off caused by regular use of jewellery (especially in case of plated jewellery) will not also be covered by warranty. Whether a defect is excluded from the warranty under this paragraph will be solely determined by us.   

Except for solid gold jewellery plating (whether gold or silver) on all other metals such silver or brass gradually fades away. Plated jewellery can last for a long time depending on how you take care of your jewellery. We strongly advise you to follow the jewellery care instructions as described here.

For any other questions or support feel free to write us to or simply message us via the the website chat.